This research was informally done by disabled students when asked to give their suggestions for the BYU gym renovation. We are so thankful that they concidered the disability community in their renovation and actively sought to include a diverse population in their designs. Everyone wants to excerise. Exercise and health may be even more important than abled-bodied people because without adequete strength we cannot do quality of life activities. Abled-bodied individuals may never exercise and still be able to shower, eat, type, get out of bed etc.Universal design is a helpful tip when renovating for accessible design. Exercise is a critical need for the disabled population.These are just a few of a huge selection of ideas that might relate better  access to the university gym. We look forward to seeing the inclusive design once completed.  

To see research regarding the vital importance of exercise and its effects on disability click here.

Ideas that were given from disabled students:


  • Great video concerning a university.

  • All equipment in video is equpment that abled-bodied people use, and how wheelchair users can use it.

  • Any device that has swing away/removable chairs are fantastic!

  • Many gyms I have been to have removable chairs, so I dont think they are a novelty/

  • Video showing various ways a Crank Cycle can be used.

  • Can be used standing or sitting

  • Swing away chair

  • Completely accessible gym

  • Many machines besides the ones I listed below to give you ideas

  • The methdology behind designing your facility for disabled individuals


Listed below low cost and high cost machinery. I do not know the particular buget of the new remodel.

Upper Body Ergometer

Sammons PrestonWeb-Slide Exercise Rail Systems

Wall Pulley

Pulley weight system  

Freemotion duel cable Cross

Stamina Mini Exercise Bike

Kinstetic Bands with Handholds


Theraband Resistance Bands

Products for hand mobility