For Disabled Students:

  • How should I prepare for college as a disabled student?

    • Check out the disability community that are pursuing academics. This is a fantastic resource to connect with others with similar goals

    • Accessible College prepares early college students with the knowledge needed to know how to advocate for ones self in college, and have the resources needed to succeed. Check them out here:

  • How do you address accessibility as a student?

  • How do you submit a complaint or recommendation to a third party?

    • Go to this website and fill out a short form with the Office of Civil Rights. As a unbiased third party they confidentiality check colleges to fix accessibility issues. Simply add your language and click on “began assessment” at the top of the page.

  • What resources can I find online from other disabled students?

    • DREAM hosts a Mentor Monday program that brings in student leaders as well as many other professionals to create a community and wealth of knowledge to learn from.

For Faculty:

  • How do I address the social barriers and stigmas regarding disability with my university?

    • No Barriers provides a workshop series to redefine inclusion and diversity regarding disability at your school. Sign up to change the culture and thought process behind your school’s diversity and inclusion initiatives. See more here.

  • What are some examples to look to from other colleges?

    • All colleges and universities have both positive and negative aspects for a disabled student. Check out other colleges research and accessibility to find best practices for your own.

  • Where can I find more info on specific disabilities?