Student-led Projects

This is a comprehensive database of inclusive projects students have accomplished. Students have innately sensed how BYU could become a more inclusive and loving community, and have completed these projects in order to achieve this goal. Each project has found a different area that needs improvement, but together these projects will provide a holistic approach to improving the university. Many students have made recommendations of how to improve BYU, but have not been able to implement them due to restrictions and denial from BYU officials. The Commission has thoroughly examined each of these projects and have found their research and methods to be polished and professional. These projects are of the highest caliber and we recommend the university implement each one promptly, if it has not already done so. The students in each project have become servant leaders, centered on moral attitudes of kindness and service. These projects are of a service to thousands of students and faculty on campus, and help fulfill the aim of BYU to initiate lifelong learning and service.

Gender Neutral Bathroom Project

Equal Access Project

Access to Health Project

Accessibility Mapping Project

BYU Devotional Access Project

Disability Awareness Campaign Project