BYU Progress

We are happy that BYU has started to implement recommendations since our project recommendations were completed. This progress is an exciting step to continue to strive towards inclusivity. We will be able to more accurately detail the progress of recommendations that BYU has told us they are working on. Here are some of the recommendations that we have seen:

  • The Accessibility Center created a Voicemail for students to leave messages after hours.

  • BYU is currently installing Kindoo, an accessibility device for doors to help students have easier access with their smartphones.

  • The Accessibility Center has now moved from its prior office at 2170 Wilkinson Student Center (WSC), to a new location on the 1st floor of the Wilkinson Center in a more accessible position.

  • BYU Access has fixed many of the doors that were found to be broken after being made aware and seems to be monitoring them better.

  • Many professors have taken steps to listen and then act to provide a place for disabled students in their classrooms.