When I became disabled, I felt I became worthless to both BYU and church. I have contributed so much to both. Feeling forgotten and cast aside has been the foundation of my faith crisis.

I was refused accommodations when I became wheelchair bound. Which, I know is absolutely illegal, but it’s hard to know which fights to choose.

I had a grad school professor that based a lot of the grade on attendance (including tardies). I almost failed because I can’t stand more than ten minutes without passing out. So climbing the stairs was an excruciating. Process. He didn’t care about my “sob story” and said if someone was late because of a funeral he’d grade them the same.

I know that there are some people who can’t take classes in buildings like the MARB because it has no elevator. Imagine not being able to take a major specific course because they don’t have a elevator.

The MARB does have an elevator but it is difficult to find and behind a sometimes closed door.

I suffered from major depressive disorder and general anxiety. Have many stories, including several times pushing me toward general studies degree or saying I wouldn’t be a good fit.