I wheeled back to Helaman Halls, building 9, and the elevator was out of order, I couldn’t call the elevator car to the 1st floor. This has happened two times just this semester, the second one being at the Brimhall, where the elevator was out for a day.

Nine out of ten times, the elevators will work, but that one out of ten time is always a killer for me and the professors.

It’d be very nice if there was a map that pointed out the accessible bathrooms, that way I, along with other folks, could head there instead of risking a handicap stall to be open in a normal restroom.”

The accessible bathroom in the law building, doesn’t actually have a accessible stall. It is mislabeled. I went to the law building after class but just had to hold it.

Buttons can be broken sometimes, or unresponsive on some occasions. Buttons would be useful in certain locations such as classrooms and other important areas. A button on glass wall leading into the Marriott’s open hall would be nice. A buttons side door to lecture hall in the Tanner RM. 115 would be fantastic.