My first documentation I submitted to the UAC was for anorexia. I submitted this to try and petition if I did not get into housing with a kitchen but because I did get into good housing I thought I would never use it. I received no outreach on what exactly accommodations were, what I qualified for, etc. and even if I had know that was something that the UAC did, their website also does not detail what they do. Eventually, I did hear from someone that I could receive accommodations for classes through the UAC so I set up an appointment. My first appointment went well and the person who I met with offered me the attendance accommodation which was helpful because this was something that I had been struggling with. Later, it became time for me to renew my accommodations. Since anorexia was no longer my main struggle as I was pretty stable in recovery, I had my therapist send in a new letter documenting my recent PTSD diagnosis.

I met with my counselor again after this. This meeting I asked if I could receive any testing accommodations as I had recently had a panic attack in the Testing Center. This meeting was not as productive. When attendance was brought up again she said something to the effect of "I don't know exactly how this works but from what I can understand you can get yourself up if you try so keep trying" in response to continuing my attendance accommodations. She ended up renewing those and giving me the testing ones as well but that whole experience of having someone who was supposed to be my advocate and supposed to be someone who would understand why I cannot function to the same standard as my peers has made it difficult for me to want to return even though there are ways in which I could use additional resources. This was the counselor for mental health issues but it seemed as though she was more understanding when my diagnosis included a more physical aspect.

I am also lucky to have had good bishops and bishopric who have been very understanding when I tell them that though I try to attend church all of the time my attendance is generally lower than others. However, if this were not the case I worry that my ecclesiastical endorsement and therefore my education would be on the line because, as far as I know, there are no resources available that would protect me here.