Kate Rees Evans

My experience is 20 some odd years 'out of date' but may still be helpful to you. I don't know if UAC was even a 'thing' back then (I had to look it up to figure out what it was!); I certainly was not referred to it.

I do know that I was waking up with horrible, horrible migraine headaches every day about 2-3 weeks into the Fall Semester of 1996. It was so bad that I could not go to class. I went to the University Health Center and was given not only a medical prescription, but the advice to go to the registrar to withdraw completely from the semester. I did not end up doing that, as there was one professor who decided to work with me on being able to complete my coursework from home rather than needing to be in class, but I dropped all my other classes that semester.

I do remember one other professor who was very compassionate about the situation as he signed my withdraw request card, though.

I am honestly curious about what other accommodations could have been made had the University had the same structures in place then as they do now. But, I will say that my experience went much better than it could have gone, and I was able to return to full coursework in January of '97 without difficulty. I am grateful for the medical professionals and the professors (and the administrative professionals) I worked with during that semester that allowed me to have the 'leave of absence' I needed for my health without too much of an issue.