Dave Gillespie

Before I was out of rehab my OT contacted the University ADA office, who sent a lady over the next week to go through my workplace with me, my OT and facilities people. We discussed what doors needed switches and how a standing chair would solve a lot of problems. We went over every aspect of my workplace and how it would work. The ADA lady gave me her direct phone number to contact her if I had any other ideas. The next week, she called me back to let me know the door switches should be in that week, and she had worked out a deal with my department to pay for the standing chair. It took a couple of months for that to happen, because you know how fast wheelchair companies move. I had a couple more door issues with them closing too fast- called the ADA office and they got facilities to adjust the doors to be slower.

What it all came down to was the ADA office was professional and proactive about helping me get back to work, and my OT got the ball moving early on. the University got a Golden Key award from the Governor for how well they took care of me. Based on the response you got back from BYU, I'd say their accessibility office culture is not very proactive. Sounds like they are more worried about liability, and so do the bare minimum to avoid a lawsuit.