Melinda Riley Bosen

I do know that when I was in school, the disability center closed before classes would end for the day. So I would walk my blind friend to his last class and to the bus stop after, so he wouldn't have to count his steps, and risk getting on the wrong bus. It took him a full hour to walk the 15 minute walk without assistance. There were classes that he couldn't take because the center wasn't open late enough and those courses were only at night.

James Longstaff

The biggest challenge in being in a wheelchair/crutches/a cane was how long it took to get around campus. I don't know if the school can change this, but it's worth mentioning how those with impaired movements need to expend an extra amount of energy getting around campus. On the other hand, I found this aspect of University life enjoyable even though I was impaired. One plus to BYU is that unlike most campuses, most of the buildings with classes are fairly close together. Benches and places in between building to sit made things easier on me. I'm so grateful for that.

Nika Noun

Between these two elevators, however, there is another elevator for faculty members which only gives access to students on a certain floors or card access is required in order to use it. During this time, I thought that it would be nice if disabled students can have access to this elevator, since there is less traffic than other two elevators.