Miriam Castle

In my time at BYU, I am so grateful that the UAC was able to get me accommodations for my ADHD and anxiety, and that my professors were willing to work with me. However, I didn’t even THINK to ask for accommodations until my second year of college because I assumed that they wouldn’t help someone like me. I was taking classes full time, I had consistent attendance, and I was able to get decent grades. When I finally made my appointment with the UAC, I was scared that I would have to somehow PROVE that my ADHD and anxiety were affecting my academic performance in order to get approved to have extended time or breaks during class. I wish that more students knew about the process for getting accommodations, and that there wasn’t such a stigma about asking for accommodations. It would also be nice if the website had more specific examples from REAL STUDENTS (they don’t have to say their names) about how the UAC has helped them.