Nika Noun

In the fall of 2017, I had a knee surgery. My physician told me that, my post recovery requires that I would have to be on crutches for two weeks. I had my surgery during the middle of my semester. During those two weeks while I was going school with on crutches, I had experienced difficulty getting around the campus. Students are generally very nice and would offered to open the door for me. However, there were still places that I wasn’t able to get around easily. As a student studying business, I spent most of my times in the Tanner building. As most of us know, this building has many floors. There were two elevators for students to access: one in the east and another in the west wing. These two elevators are usually very busy right before or after classes get out. For those who don’t want to take the stairs, we had to wait longer to get in and out. Between these two elevators, however, there is another elevator for faculty members which only gives access to students on a certain floors or card access is required in order to use it. During this time, I thought that it would be nice if disabled students can have access to this elevator, since there is less traffic than other two elevators. During these two weeks, I’ve experienced a glimpse of the difficulties that our disability students at BYU are facing everyday going to school. I hope that BYU is aware of what is going on and is making necessary changes to provide much better accommodation for it’s students.