Britney Holden

I don’t actually have a disability, but I have two children with severe anxiety and OCD so I started paying attention to what resources might be able to help them succeed at college. I was so impressed when my online program made sure all students were aware that they could still ask for accommodations for such things if needed. I attended both BYU and BYU-I and never once heard a professor mention to students that such resources were available. At UAB they also reinforced that many students have been successful in rigorous programs like medical school by utilizing their accommodations. I really appreciated that all students were given the information in a positive light and were encouraged to seek out services if needed. Also, the associate dean of my program at UAB has very limited use of one of her hands. She is a successful nurse practitioner and gave several presentations during the course of my orientation. I was so impressed with all she had achieved thus far and it was a clear representation of the culture of the school in promoting the success of people with both mental and physical disabilities.